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332: AmigaOS kernel port to embedded Motorola 68332

Core of the AmigaOS kernel (exec.library) ported to embedded Motorola 68332 computer. Reusable as OS for your embedded device suitable for developers with AmigaOS experience.


Project was destined as the kernel for GPS-tracking device. Used Motorola 68332 computer features 1.25MB of RAM and 512KB of FlashEPROM. Included build script with custom GCC target for AmigaOS.

Fortunately Pavel Troller already disassembled the kernel core in the past and this project could be based on his reverse engineered sources.

Downloadable sources (179.0KB) archive unfortunately legally cannot contain the real code of the ported AmigaOS kernel core as it is copyrighted.. You should send me a mail with md5sum(1)s of AmigaOS kernel including statement you are the legal owner to let me send you the missing patched AmigaOS kernel core disassembled sources.

The provided kernel lists the following features:

Custom Board (front) Custom Board (back)
68332 CPU Board Detail