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Captive: The first free NTFS read/write filesystem for GNU/Linux


Captive NTFS - Hospital of Castelo Branco

Hello Lace,

Let me explain this NFS.

I'm working on Hospital of Castelo Branco, Portugal, in the computers division.

The Hospital is big (about 1000 workers), and we have a lot of machines, since P II to P IV, everyone working with windows2000. (except 45 that are working with ltsp).

we are preparing the machines to install another system that will allow the digitalization of medical images - PACS (picture archive and communication system).

since the computers that are need are about 100 and we need to install windows in all of them (even we have an almost automated instalation - but requires some administrator interaction). So, we want to install windows2000 without pressing a key.

So, the computers boot with PXE, and, run the minimal Fedora instalation, that is provided by the NFS. before going to shell, it runs a script that erase all the disk, creates a partition, restores a previous image of windows2000, and thanks to captive-ntfs, mounts the ntfs partition and replaces several lines on a configuration file. (the windows on the images is in a "unattented instalation". means that only asks for the computer name when it boots for the first time). since the computer (alredy registered in dhcp), as a hostname during the boot of fedora, i take that name and insert it in the configuration file of windows 2000. umount the windows partition, reboot the machine and when is boots again, windows is ready (after another reboot) to work !!! Is nice, since the machines are a lot and our time is short !!!

Well, this is why the captive-ntfs !! the error i report the other day, is because on exports is the NFS is exported as: (ro,no_root_squash,sync). i guess is because of this why we need to do the chmod -t / for captive to work !!

We have no lack of security, since this is only to install windows and is for a small number of machines (everyone as a MAC address that is very similar and only those are allowed to boot with PXE that installs windows).

Well, after the history of my life (just kidding), you know why we use captive-ntfs !! By the way, if you want to put our use of captive in the web page, go for it (i tell u this, cause i've seen some testimonials) !!!

best regards !!!

Bruno Santos

Divisao de Informatica e Telecomunicacoes
Hospital Amato Lusitano
Av. Pedro Alvares Cabral
6000-085 Castelo Branco