captive-install-acquire - Find MS Windows XP driver files for NTFS



Program acquires the needed Microsoft Windows XP driver files. Multiple methods of getting the driver files are supported. All the driver files are stored to the directory /usr/local/var/lib/captive/ where they are expected by mount.captive(8).


Program will run interactively if no action options (--scan-disks, --scan-disks-quick, --scan-path or --microsoft-com) are specified. Otherwise the requested action(s) is proceeded in silent batch mode.


Disable Gnome user interface even if X Window System is available. You must specify this option as the first one. This option has effect only for interactive mode (no action options specified).


Display additional information during disks scanning.


Perform all the operations but do not modify anything (no drivers are stored to /usr/local/var/lib/captive/ directory).


Path to .captivemodid.xml database (default: /usr/local/etc/w32-mod-id.captivemodid.xml). This file contains identifications (md5sum(1)) of known compatible Microsoft Windows XP driver files. captive-install-acquire(1) will ignore any files not identified by this file although you may try to copy them to /usr/local/var/lib/captive/ manually for captive(7) clients.


Scan all files on any local hard drive (mounted or unmounted) NTFS or (mounted) FAT partitions. This scanning includes cabinet (.cab) archives. This scanning can last for very long time.


Reduced version of --scan-disks. Only windows/system32 subdirectory in the root of any local hard drive (mounted or unmounted) NTFS or (mounted) FAT partition is investigated. This scan should find existing driver files in already existing Microsoft Windows XP installations.


Scan the specified path/URI for device driver files. You may use either filename (/tmp/ntoskrnl.ex_), directory (/tmp/, NTFS disk file/directory (file:///dev/hda1#libntfs:/windows/system32) or remote URI filename (http://server/path/to/ntfs.sys). Remote URI directory (such as http://server/subdir/) is not supported.

Possibly specified directory is always scanned recursively.


You can download the best available version of needed drivers from Microsoft. They can be found in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 Checked Build (URL

Legal: In some countries you need to have valid Microsoft Windows XP license to use it.

Program will need to download approx 61MB of data (the cabinet file is 307MB; 1MB=1e6B here).


captive-install-fstab(1), captive(7), mount.captive(8)


Jan Kratochvil <>,