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WinVNC hide: Hide running WinVNC server

If you install WinVNC in MS Windows environment, you will notice that it creates its own small icon in System Tray. Sometimes you want to get rid of this visible icon and you cannot remove it by any configuration settings.


You need to download the original distribution archive, install it and later just replace its file C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC4\winvnc4.exe. Otherwise error about missing omnithread_rt.dll will occur.

Yo should check that the binary winvnc4.exe differs only in about 3 bytes (by fc/b) to have a proof I (or a man-in-the-middle) did not provide you some cracked replacement. You may also check its md5sum(1):

File from packageMD5 sum
WinVNC.exe-4.1.2 , original bda11f9ab8629313950cef60ec1dbe1d
WinVNC.exe-4.1.2 , 'SECRET' patchede2898e70771c55fec732c508bbab2e6e
WinVNC.exe-4.1.1 , original 3fc39dc90318c1b72d867fe04962a20f
WinVNC.exe-4.1.1 , 'SECRET' patched067c02a0e409f58d9a773f338a8d985a
WinVNC.exe-4.0 , original 7043ddf51d7135c1d1b83b4213dfed61
WinVNC.exe-4.0 , 'SECRET' patched916c82e99e1dc17bebdc31aebc895b52
WinVNC.exe-3.3.3r9, original f4910e28a285a13e642cdfe302e4ad91
WinVNC.exe-3.3.3r9, 'SECRET' patched6669d652357a56737b36e2cde0acd473
WinVNC.exe-3.3.3r7, original d8d9d04901a4896f278d59a1cdc99aef
WinVNC.exe-3.3.3r7, 'SECRET' patched8423b8f9598893b517a4f5eebbf0749b