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MMS2: Alternative center for cheaper mobile phones multimedia messages (MMS)

This product is no longer maintained.

Currently supported client mobile phones of the country: Czech Republic

www.mms2.cz web link
www.mms2.cz web link

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Revenue share from MMS in your country

This calculation is based on an assumption price for sending 1 MMS message (MMS_price) is constant. In some countries the MMS messages are exactly for the price of the GPRS data transfer itself - there definitely does not make any sense to deploy this custom MMS center called MMS2:

min(SMS_price, EUR 0.04) + 20 * 1KB_GPRS_price + income < MMS_price

Each MMS transaction requires 1 notificating binary SMS and usually about 20 KB of GPRS transferred data. Please note there is generally no possibility to use any free or cheap SMS gateways as they cannot pass arbitrary binary data. MMS transaction scheme:

MMS Transaction

I am also interested in SMS prices valid for sending messages to the countries worldwide substantially below the currently available sending for the price EUR 0.04.

Your deployment of MMS2 will need to cover at least very detailed local price plans analysis, appropriate kind of service marketing and basic service deployment testing. Currently already covered countries: Czech, Japan. Do not hesitate to contact me: mms2@jankratochvil.net

Do you consider MMS dead? The service really did not reach the expectation but it is usually caused at least by its current exaggerated prices trying to cover its expensive development. With the proper international cooperation and this service framework with low investition costs it may undercut even the prices of your local SMS prices! Currently it already can equal the MMS price to the usual SMS price due to different available SMS service prices.

Any disadvantages?

The cooperation with existing MMS center is the major problem although it should be acceptably resolved for the target customers of this alternative center MMS2. It cannot be deployed with official MMS centers interconnecting contract with existing operators as the fees for MMS termination in the 'legacy' MMS center would inhibit any competitive prices of the MMS service itself offered by this alternative center MMS2. It may be different in your country, though - check yourself, please

Currently deployed service is based on:

Originating Mobile —> Recipient Mobile Delivery Method
Legacy operator's center —> Legacy operator's center (legacy, not MMS2 related)
MMS2 service —> Legacy operator's center MMS2 initiated WAP-Push
Legacy operator's center —> MMS2 service operator initiated text SMS
MMS2 service —> MMS2 service MMS2 native MMSE delivery

WAP-Push type delivery for non-MMS2 recipients includes information on subscribing the cheaper MMS2 provider thus the friends really wanting to save on MMS messages cost will all move to the alternative MMS2 services while utilizing the standard (MMSE) native MMS messages delivery.

In the case the customer is already subscribed to the alternative MMS2 center and it is sent MMS message via the legacy operator's MMS center it will get delivered generally only as text SMS message with web pickup instructions. This is the only serious drawback of this MMS2 services.