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Ford-Fulkenson Algorithm

Here is the complete ZIP file (50KB) with the source included. Please read the license terms:

Release comments:

This software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind. Redistribution permitted under the terms of GNU General Public License version 2.

Whole packaged was assembled under time press and without previous deeper knowledge of Java language. You'll probably find many ineffective and stupid things I do. Please give me a mail if you want but send no flames, please.

Graphical design is very ugly. I use only standard windowing toolkit supplied from Sun in JDK named AWT which is not much nifty and comfortable. On the other hand at least this demo tries to be as much compatible as possible.

Proudly developed using Sun Java and GNU/Linux [Sun Java and GNU/Linux].

Currently implemented workarounds of browser bugs:

C version of program:

I've added raw algorithm implementation written in ANSI C, can be found in "FordFulk.c" source file. Please check it as there is likely a lot of bugs. Testing input data are in file "", it's graphical representation is in "". This sample network including the picture is provided by the courtesy of Mauricio Caceres. Correct resulting maximal flow of this network is 14.


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