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HotelGate: Internet Public Access Gateway
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HotelGate Specification


Segments control separation
Enable/disable Internet access in each network segment (hotel room, building area) separately from the central control point. No need to complicate the clients' access by the usual tickets.
Plug & Play networking
Transparent clients network connectivity. HotelGate automatically adapts to any home or company network settings the client may be using. Both cable and wireless networking uses this technology.
Centralized control access
Central access control over web for both cable and wireless network segments and also the system settings.
Welcome page redirection
Clients get the specified welcome page possibly showing restaurant menu and other facility services offer.
Staff and administrator control separation
Administration separates access to the simple reception personnel operations (tickets printing, hotel room free access permissions) and the full configuration for system installation and administration.
Optional ISP connectivity bandwidth limitation
Possibility to limit the clients connectivity throughput to protect existing Internet performance of your intranet machines.
Web access acceleration (transparent proxy)
Integrated transparent cache both accelerates the client Internet connections and also saves the bandwidth of your ISP link.
Language localization
Web administration interface provided in multiple languages. Translation for your country upon request.





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