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Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
CaptiveThe first free NTFS read/write filesystem for GNU/LinuxGPLdeadi386 asm, C, Perl
Partition SurpriseGPLed Partition Magic cloneGPLupdateC
PerlMailPerl mail processor - procmail(1) successorGPLreadyPerl
mdsmsMobile Device SMS ToolGPLreadyC
badblock-guessData recovery from a damaged diskGPLreadyC
xbelnormalizeBookmarks .xbel file normalizatorGPLreadyPerl
IRConInfraRed remote control hardwarePDobsoleteC, Java
Gnome xBillxBill game rewritten with network support and Gnome/GTK+GPLreadyC
tcpoverudpForward TCP connections over UDP without rootGPLreadyPerl
udpgateUDP packets gatewayGPLreadyC
harpyARP spoofer of nonexisting ethernet addressesGPLreadyPerl
netdnsspoofNetwork DNS proxy spoofing any nonexisting namesGPLreadyPerl
pipebufUNIX pipe realtime bufferingPDreadyC
inetdmxxinetd(8)/inetd(8) on-demand servers multiplexorGPLreadyC
line9kModem / Nokia 9110 GSM data gateway control, chargerPDreadybash, hardware
ppp9kConnect Nokia Communicator by serial PPP to your LANPDreadybash
redirector-adBanner killer as Squid redirector filterPDreadyPerl
tcp_rtoLinux kernel maximal TCP round-trip-time patchGPLreadyC patch
waybackShift system time backwards for a specific applicationPDreadyC
tac_plus authCisco TACACS+ NAS host based authorizationPDpendingC patch
SSH-1 patchSSH-1 KeepAliveData and OnDemandForward featuresPDobsoleteC patch
tcpdump ASCIItcpdump(1) patch for better output readable as ASCIIPDreadyC patch
KIXFree protocol-compatible Kali server equivalentPDreadyC
timeplanCalculate statistics from your personal time tracking notesPDreadyC
sshtUnattended intranet host accessibility by SSH tunnelPDreadybash
smbfs patchLinux kernel smbfs acceleration patchPDreadyC patch
Middleman portHTTP proxy ported to FreeBSDPDreadyC patch
fixhtmlConvert HTML files URLs to relative onesPDobsoletePerl


Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
332AmigaOS kernel port to embedded Motorola 68332PDready680x0 asm, C
AutoGenautogen.sh while supporting CVS/.rpm/.debGPLactivePerl
checkstaticC sources symbol attributes checkerPDreadyPerl
cvsutilClean CVS checkout working files or safely change CVS/RootPDmergePerl
staticbuildFully static binaries build - GNU/Linux vendor independenceGPLreadyC
cvsbranchdiffCVS Branching UtilityPDreadybash
Int13SniffTrace PC bootloader disk operationsGPLreadyi386 asm
KernelWareLinux kernel drivers in userland for their debuggingPDobsoleteC
oslikProlog example solving logical puzzle OslikPDreadyProlog
mot2asConvert Motorola to AT&T/GNU assembler syntaxPDreadyC
wllibGraphics library for crossplatform line drawingPDobsoleteC
vblibHigh performance memory streams libraryPDreadyC


Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
RotationNokia logical game "Rotation" solverPDreadyC, PHP
lynxillaLynx look&feel with Mozilla web compatibilityPDdeadCSS
postgetBookmark POST forms, hide passwordsPDreadyPHP
My::WebPerl web frameworkGPLreadyPerl
PHP WebPHP web frameworkGPLobsoletePHP
FordFulkFord-Fulkenson algorithm web appletPDreadyJava 1.0.2
HeatHeat distribution simulation web appletPDreadyJava 1.0.2
IsletMap fight web game appletPDreadyJava 1.1
STEPCustom web database applicationPDdeadPHP 3.0
kewensisPlant Name Index custom enginePDreadyPHP, Perl


Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
LaserGameFirmware and config tool for shooting gunPDobsoletei8051 asm, 680x0 asm
ResRAMReset-persisent bootable RAM filesystemPDready680x0 asm
PortDiagHardware I/O port diagnostics utilityPDready680x0 asm
Casio-ACasio SF-A10 diary backupPDobsolete680x0 asm
ShortRelExecutable file relocations compressorPDready680x0 asm
QueryDevDetect disk device name from its volume namePDready680x0 asm
SClockSynchronize the local system clockPDready680x0 asm


Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
TraceFSMicrosoft Windows Kernel API TracerGPLreadyC
WinVNC hideHide running WinVNC serverPDreadyi386 asm patch


Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
DOSWatcherDOS files access strace(1) equivalentPDreadyi386 asm
Descent 2 no-CDDescent 2 patch to avoid CD-ROM requirementPDreadyi386 asm patch


Project NameAbstractCopyingStateLanguage
GNU Libtool fixHandle duplicate object file namesGPLacceptedsh patch
GSM::SMS patchExtension of GSM::SMS for EMS+AlcatelPDpendingPerl
Linux NTFS GnomeVFSGnomeVFS interface for Linux NTFS libraryGPLacceptedC
Mutt speedupMailbox reading phase accelerationGPLacceptedC patch
netstat -pProgram name display for net-tools-1.50/netstatPDacceptedC patch
libxml2 fixFixed incomplete XML text nodes readingPDacceptedC patch
Ethereal MMSE fixFixed MMS Encapsulation protocol decodingGPLacceptedC patch
Ethereal WSP patchEnhanced WSP headers decodingGPLignoredC patch
Glade -wOption --write-source for batch compilationGPLacceptedC patch
PHP-3.0b6 fixAvoid excessive use of memory for hashesPDacceptedC patch
PostgreSQL-6.3 fixFixed substr() and substring() SQL functionsPDacceptedC patch
mod_auth_tacacs clientCisco TACACS+ testing/debugging client for mod_auth_tacacsPDacceptedC patch
D1X TCP/IPD1X native TCP/IP support patchPDacceptedC module